Return Policy

1.Area apply:

- Product from Namidori store

- Time apply:

2. Condition:

- intact, no scatch, crease .

-Time : 7 days

- match the condition of the producer ;

- Can't be returned: out of the limit time, damage,..

Complains :

1. Compains object:

Organization or individual using Namidori product

2. Type of complains:

Customer have problems with Namidori product can come direct to the store or contact 0985519830, send mail, other methods…

3. Rules:

Namidori can refuse to issue complains with no clue or none customer

II. Steps to issue

Step 1. Reveice and reply complains

- Every position of Namidori have responsible to reivce and reply to complains

Step 2: Confirm and issue

- After reveive and confirm the situation from the customer, Namidori will issue the problems in range of ability
- Complains that go beyond the ability of current position will be reported to higher level manager (will be issued in 1/2 day)

Step 3: High level manager receive, confirm and issue

-higher level manager will receive, confirm and give a conclusion for the problem

Bước 4:Respone to customer

- After checking result, we will contact through :Phone call, direct meeting, mail……depend on the first complain
- If the customer does not agree with the issue: in the next 7 days we will check the complains again

Step 5 5:end of the complain

- Save to file and close the complain

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