Payment policy

1 - COD :

We will ship and accept payment when customer receive the packet in Ho Chi Minh city
- Customer need to provide address, phone number, name. In some sensitive situation : high value packet, shipping at night, difficult location to ship.. We will check and deal with the customer.

2 - Transfer money through bank, ship with fast service

- With customer outside Ho Chi Minh city, customer need to purchase 100% value of the product by transfer money to Namidori bank account
- When we receive the money we will contact you immidiately to agree time and location . depends on your location the packet will arrive a in 12-72 hours.
- In case the shipping was not on time, customer can cancel the order and we will return your money in 7 days
- product with value include tax above 20 million VND, base on the government rule need to pay with transfer. Please contact us for more information

3 - Ship and pay at the store

- Customer can come direct to the store and purchase the product

4 - Shipping cost

- Shipping cost:Customer will pay the shipping cost if outside HCM and HN city, however on some occasion we will charge shipping fee

5 - Different sutuation:

- Customer demand to ship to third party location (families, transport station,..) We will not take responsible for the packet.When we hand the packet for the third party, you need to confirm receive the packet with SMS, phone or messenger.

payment payment payment payment