“The Distinguished gentleman's ride”

Collab with famous bike brand Triumph, Namidori proudly sponsor “The Distinguished gentleman's ride” in Việt Nam (Hà Nội).

The distinguished gentleman's ride ( DGR in short) is a festival for gentlemen with passion of classic bike above 600cc.

The festival is open in the last sunday of September.Time and route only annouce for memebers only


The distinguished gentleman's ride was organise to support Procastate Cancer victims. Which too 1300 lies every years, the only event with classic bikes and organise once a year

To join DGR  Bikers ( Male and Female ) must wear formal clothes and ride classic bikes like cafe racer, scamber, tracker, side car, scooter, classic bike.....

Gentlemen festival DGR - With excotic and personalize bikes , bikers wearing suit alwasy attract looks on the road. Help change the way people look at custom bike community

In Viet Nam, with the sponsor of Namidori Luxury Handmade Shoes, the event open in 24th September Ha Noi has go to an end with emotional feels. Gentlemen who participate in the event can use the code "DGR2017" to get 20% of at Namidori Store. the promotion ends at 15.10

DGR2017 tại Hà Nội

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