How many times your feel lost in a crowd, and feel like nobody cares about you, how many eyes passed you without a single look, it's simply because you are not different from them. At Namidori we not only sell shoes, we help you to become different
Did you know famous politicians like J. Bush, Obama or celebrities D. Beckham alway pick leather sole for shoes, Goodyear? Those are handmade shoes using Goodyear Welt structure. With 100% natural leather cover the surace, insole and outsole bring soft, flexible and fresh feels because of absorbent ability . Meticulous, eleborate and skillful shoes dyer (patina) create simple but different product we can only call it "pure class"


Come to Namidori store 89/16 Ham Nghi to try and feel. free measurement for your feet with USA technology.

Hotline: 0985519830 - Zalo, Whatssap, Viber


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