a high quality shoes can still wearable after 2-3 times resoling. resole after 2-3 years. So how to know if your shoes is really good? and resolable or not? it depends on 3 factors

1. You regularly maintain your shoes and the leather is still in good condition, can be use longer even though the sole is damaged 

2. Only Goodyear and Mckay shoes and have to be handmade can be resole,if your shoes made of glue methods (cimented/bonded) means the sole and upper part were blued together, than it will have some difficulties: the insole structure have low quality (usually made of paper or nonwoven) so when removing the sole will be damage, because these type shoes have insole made of rubber, TPR...made in shape so to find another sole to match the the factory shape is not possible. no matter how good is the glue, after a few years in sun light, rain it will still damage and , open sole is unavoidable. Therefore if your shoes is still good but the sole is trail, just sew it for then:). in these situations the shoes doesn't look good as well.

3. If your shoes have 1 and 2 factors than it's soles is replacable. (replace leather sole with different form) BUT it cannot be perfect because resole process is competely handwork, very complicated and takes time. Shoes must be put in the correct form last so the shoes will be straight by the process making curve in resoling will make the shoes not as straight as brand new therefore resoling with correct form is very important (replace sole with correct form). Shoes that was bought foreign and resole in Viet Nam cannot be correct form, but if you buy shoes at Namidori handmade shoes we ensure you will have the perfect form sole for your shoes.

At Naminidori we will resole for some products with leather sole. Please contract for more information

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