Beside out look factor, leather sole also flexible, after draining sweat from your feet the shoes can curve smoothly with every step this bring firmly feel and easier to walk not only that, leather shoes help your feet dry and cool by draining ability

Đế da có thể sơn nhiều màu rất đẹp mắt

Oppisite with that brand new good looking sole, the sole have some difficulties for beginners in  leather shoes because it's very slippy

Slippy feel only last for 1 week, when the leather is trail and the sole become more rough.

To overcome slippy feel for beginners or people with specific job that will damage the sole, use a cover for your shoes (non-slip). Non-slip help your shoes remove slippy feel and protect your sole better

Dán non-slip

Dán đế chống trượt non-slip

Contract to get the most quality non-slip imported from Italy

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