First impression is always important. WHen your first job interview, perhaps you want to left some good impression. Or when you meet a potential client signing a big contract, first impression is a must. SO the question is : How to get good impression in first met ?

Everyone represent their own "brand". Everyone have different personality. Before someone find out your potential, you need to create a first good impression. But not everyone knows how to do that. irst thing to notice is your costume.You need to pick the most suitable costume for occasions. For example you wear T shirt and pants for work, weddings and jeans and shirt for going out with friends, family. You can't wear suit for pinicking and shorts for meeting client. Right costume represent right personality of yours. Also a respect for the opposite person

Secondly is SHOES. Will it be reasonable when you going to an event, wearing expensive suit and rocking a sneakers ? Shoes contribute alot of respect for your opposite person.So don't let them feel disrespected. Make right decisions.

But i you still wonder,dont know how to pick shoes. Come to Namidori. We have all the experience in ashion and shoes, we will give you the best advice to impress in every occasions.

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